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No matter where you're heading on the Sea of Law, we make your journey safe.

At Dima Dima & Asociații law firm, we know that the seas of law and justice can be stormy. We know that laws and paragraphs are like labyrinths of islands and that finding your way there, by yourself, can be tough. We know that the safety of your business is a shore far, far away.

Yet, we’re bound to take you there. Because we decide on our destination together. Because we're planning our trip thoroughly. And because we've got the right maps and compasses showing our way. Through our experience we came to know at any point in time precisely where we are and where we need to go.

Navigators at law: that's who we are.

Dima & Asociații

Navigators at law

Why do you need a navigator?

And how do you recognize a good one? 

Laws and the people that upheld them: you know from experience that they seldom are as clearly and friendly for your business as you wished they were. The Sea of Law has many treacherous reefs underwater. Many of them don't show up on a map, so that you constantly keep on wondering where they are, how you can avoid them, what friendly harbors can you find on the course of your journey.

These are questions for good navigators to answer. Navigators that understand exactly what you need and where your travels might carry you.

We're not just showing the way, but we're also accompanying you for the trip, making sure you reach your destination.

On the safest path. With minimum costs, in time and money.

Map. Compass. Courage.

A good navigator knows the dangers of navigating through the Sea of Law and steers between them.

A good navigator keeps his maps updated with everything that nature and people brought in or took out.

A good navigator sees further than his passengers. But he doesn't keep them in the dark.

We're Cătălin Dima & Crew. You can find us on deck.

Dima & Asociații was founded on the vision of our founder, Catalin Dima. His goal was to build a team of lawyers, willing and able to understand the needs, the goals and the ultimate destination of our clients; lawyers that can offer legal advice, guidance and safety on their journey.

No matter what your goal is, our commitment is to reach it together. Because our utmost wish is that every client could say, at the end of a project, that our work has truly dedicated to his business. We aim for only one kind of testimonial from you: "We reached these shores together, on the exact spot we envisioned upon our departure".

Business navigation

At Dima & Asociații, we're not limiting ourselves to just showing the client how relevant laws are showing on the map. We're going beyond that, guiding him, with the passion of a seasoned sailor, through the obstacles of interpretation and gaps in the legal system, towards his legitimate business goals.

We're not leaving the client staring confused at various interpretations of the law. We're always coming with clear recommendations, assisting the client in managing the legal risks. We're not leaving our client wandering on the Sea of Law, but we're constantly striving to get him back to shelter in a friendly harbour.

We're changing the maps too, when needed

More than 100 years ago, the Panama Channel boosted significantly the world commerce. Not only that it reduced transit time for ships, but also remodeled the economic outlook for significant parts of the world.

At a smaller scale, our vision is the same: to cut new shipping channels towards more profitable and stable businesses. For that to happen, we're guiding our efforts towards changes on how authorities interpret the laws. We are also assisting clients in efforts to determine changes in the legal framework, through a professional communications approach with relevant authorities.

When the captain used to be a passenger

Our business model comes from experience. Not just the experience of giving legal advice, but also receiving it. That's why we're happy to put to work the experience of each and every one of our lawyers.

Mix this with the experience of our founder, whose career included not only positions of advisor but also positions where he was advised by legal experts in making business decisions, assuming and managing risks arising from these decisions.

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